Nowadays, customers are very discerning when it comes to their purchases: they compare various offers before buying, have high standards when it comes to information and advice, and supplier loyalty is decreasing. In order to be successful, retailers have to develop their digital businesses, offering their customers a unique shopping experience across all channels throughout the entire customer journey.

The rapid technological developments in areas such as the IoT, mixed reality and artificial intelligence offer great potential for process optimisation and providing the best in customer care.

Ergon has been working together with its clients to implement successful projects within the area of retail for 15 years. We have extensive and comprehensive expertise in handling highly-available and incredibly complex systems, immense quantities of data and multifaceted business processes.

With our know-how, we can help you to make your customers’ future shopping experience even smarter, as well as continually optimising your internal processes.

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Alois Sauter

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