An integrated Track&Trace solution for the entire Coop Group

Zürich, 10.09.2018 – Coop Track&Trace Reference


Coop came to Ergon looking for a comprehensive tracking system that could integrate all the different shops of the Coop Group and serve the needs of both customers and employees. The order of the day was a system that could enable customers to track their order from start to finish, while also making it easier for staff to deliver goods at the 500+ Coop pick-up locations. In order to provide a complete overview of all online orders, the system would also need to be capable of bringing together all the logistics data of the separate online shop systems in a standardised form.

Order from coop@home, collect from Coop Bau&Hobby

Track&Trace enables integrated management of the order and logistics processes, while also compiling information from the various source systems to provide a consolidated overview of the order progress. In order to harness this functionality, a standardised interface to the existing SAP systems was built. The Track&Trace system currently integrates the data from nine Coop online shops, including coop@home, Christ and Coop Bau+Hobby. With the combination of the Coop pick-up service and the Track&Trace system, customers can quickly and easily place an order through coop@home, then collect their goods from their chosen Coop Bau&Hobby branch on their way home.

Some of the online shops of the Coop Group have different processes in place for orders made on the web, from receipt of the order through to dispatch. For this reason, another important element of Ergon’s development work was to analyse these processes and devise standardised interfaces, as well as a uniform approach to modelling the individual process steps.

Support for employees at pick-up locations

In addition to providing a complete overview of online orders with the Coop Group, the Track&Trace solution also helps staff at the pick-up locations when handing over goods to customers. Employees can log the individual work steps, such as receipt or handover of goods, directly in the Track&Trace application, which can be accessed via a web browser or through an app for Android smartphones. Great care was taken when developing the app to provide a clear and simple interface for its users.

A transparent overview at all levels

Track&Trace also has a cockpit, from which various evaluations can be executed. Coop’s management team can then use this information to see which pick-up locations are the most popular, for example, or which delivery type is chosen the most frequently.

The additional support area is an important tool for the customer service departments of the various Coop Group online shops. Since all the data is stored in the Track&Trace system, helpdesk employees can provide customers with detailed information on the status of their order. A warning system highlights any irregularities in the process at an early stage, while helping the customer service staff to take the necessary actions.

Track&Trace also makes its data available to, a website built by Coop. This allows customers to check up on their order at any time. Customers are sent an SMS or email notification when their goods are ready to collect from their chosen branch.