Augmented and mixed reality


The line between the real and the virtual world is becoming increasingly blurred. There is already a wealth of digital information and services available for countless things and places in the real world. However, this information only delivers added value if it is available at the right place and at the right time, and if it is easy for people to grasp.

Technologies such as augmented reality are helping to close the gap between the two worlds. They make it possible to visualise information and the interaction with services directly in the real world, thus leading both to more efficient working processes and a more natural human-machine interaction.

Nowadays, feasible use cases already range from the visualisation of products in context (e.g. furniture in situ), use in an industrial environment for the installation, maintenance and configuration of equipment and other logistical applications, all the way through to the training of employees. As a result, augmented reality shares strong synergies with other areas: advancements in machine learning are enabling reliable capture of the real world, through object and image recognition, and gesture and voice commands. Equally, countless new application areas are emerging in the same vein as the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

We are able to provide support and advice on your augmented and mixed reality projects thanks to our in-depth specialist and technical knowledge, our know-how in the fields of human-computer interaction and the user experience and our experience with innovation processes and the selection of already suitable use cases. From the initial ideas through to selected prototypes and on to entire projects that are scalable, secure and integrated into your system landscape.

We would be happy to get to know you and explore the possibilities and the current state of technology in this field, as well as discussing any potential areas of application with you.

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