People at the core
SMART insights (Vol. 1)

SMART insights 2019: Insights into the content


  • Yesterday and tomorrow
    City of Zurich, Office for Urban Development
  • Avant-garde
    Crypto Finance AG
  • Diverse canton with a panoply of responsibilities
    Zurich Cantonal Chancellery
  • The valve that speaks volume
    Eugen Seitz AG
  • Banking, market and people
    Raiffeisen Switzerland
  • Looking to the future, leading the pack
    Midor AG


  • Entrepreneurs in our midst
  • Successful together
  • The change makers (series)
    • Daniel Peter, Co-Founder and CEO, VIAC AG
    • Peter Schmidlin, CINO, Belimo Automation AG
    • Anja Graf, Group CEO and Chairwoman, VISIONAPARTMENTS
    • Urs Güttinger, CTO, Bossard Group
    • Peter Ohnemus, Founder and CEO, dacadoo AG


  • Cloud. Right, wrong or indifferent?
  • IoT – but with security, please
  • Ready for take-off
  • Speed. Agility. Security.
  • Humans, space and interaction

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