Amazon Web Services – Ergon becomes new partner


Ergon became an official Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Partner in March 2020, thereby strengthening its expertise in the field of cloud computing. Several industrial clients have already chosen Amazon’s cloud solution backed up by the expertise of Ergon’s highly qualified AWS specialists.

AWS provides an extensive cloud offering designed to support agile approaches, rapid time-to-market and simple scalability. With such cloud services, a business idea can be quickly validated with a proof of concept, then expanded in stages until it is ready for market launch – from the first connection of an end device and visualisation of production data right through to a complete solution to optimise manufacturing processes.

“Using a cloud solution enhances IT flexibility, which gives companies a competitive edge in today’s complex and volatile market environment. Analytics, IoT and artificial intelligence are just some of the services that cloud providers are offering and constantly refining at the highest levels as part of their offering. These services allow firms to seize opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them or accessible only at great expense and effort”, says Daniel Bacher, Ergon’s Senior Software Architect and Development/Team Leader Web Solutions.

As an independent IT service provider, Ergon helps clients build new solutions and services in the cloud, and migrate relevant services and business segments to the cloud. In addition to its AWS solutions, Ergon is working on active projects using Google GCP and Microsoft Azure.