State-of-the-art practice software

Zürich, 20.06.2019 – Axonlab reference


Ergon has rebuilt Achilles, its existing practice software, for Axon Lab AG, a specialist in medical laboratory diagnostics, software solutions and life sciences. After a one-year phase of beta-testing, the new software has been on the market under the brand name Axenita since the beginning of 2019. The solution is easy to use, meets high security standards and can be deployed flexibly, thanks to its modular structure.

Achilles is a modular practice software that has been proving its mettle on several thousand workstations in medical practices and hospitals since 2002. The existing solution continues to fulfil all the norms required by the healthcare system but, because of its technological foundations, it has nonetheless been struggling to meet the ever-changing and increasingly complex demands of many practices. Axonlab therefore decided to collaborate with Ergon to redevelop and optimise the system. Usable Brands is responsible for the user experience design of the software. One of the key requirements was to replace the current solution with a modern web application.

“In Ergon, we have found a professional development partner who has actively supported us on our journey to developing a forwardlooking and scalable solution.”

Martin Michel Head of IT Services/CIO and member of the executive board, Axon Lab AG

Flexible use

The software’s modular structure is positive in that it allows the solution to be used in a variety of environments. However, from a technical perspective, it presents a challenge as the modules are largely decoupled and communicate with each another via an event bus (a system that enables events to be exchanged); one of the reasons for adopting this approach is that it facilitates the connection and integration of external systems and/or components.

Each module retains sovereignty over its own data and communicates with the other modules via the event bus.


The focus was on future users – i.e. doctors and practice staff – during the development phase of the modules; thanks to up-to-the-minute usability features, customers should be able to learn the software quickly and operate it largely intuitively. For instance, the programmers have even taken steps to ensure that mouse pointer movements are kept as short as possible. The outcome is a comprehensive suite of modules providing optimal support for medical professionals in their day-to-day work processes.

Top security

Medical practices work with highly sensitive data that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Axonlab and Ergon thus jointly agreed on a multi-instancing approach to running Axenita. The advantage here is that data are better protected from misuse as they are stored in separate databases for each client. Ergon’s Airlock Application Firewall is used to ensure the security of the practice software on the web.

Sustainable partnership

Since the beginning of 2019, Axonlab’s customers have been able to enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly, state-of-the-art practice software solution that is tailored to practice structures and features all the modules found in its predecessor, including scheduling, invoicing, laboratory, etc.

Its modern architecture permits efficient implementation of new functions to meet the latest medical needs and enhances practice efficiency. Ergon is not only supporting Axonlab in making ongoing refinements to Axenita, it has also been commissioned by the firm to develop new software modules that Axonlab will be able to sell both in conjunction with Axenita and as stand-alone products in the future.

Martin Michel, Head of IT Services/CIO and member of Axon Lab AG’s executive board says: “In Ergon, we have found a professional development partner who has actively supported us on our journey to developing a forward-looking and scalable solution. Our customers’ positive response to the new software shows that we are working together to support a client-orientated practice solution and that we can more than meet the needs of a digital healthcare system.”