Change of staff on the Ergon Board of Directors


Ergon Informatik AG welcomes Teddy Graf as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. He succeeds the former Chairman and long-term Ergon CEO Patrick Burkhalter.

Patrick Burkhalter resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors and as a member of the Board at the Ergon General Meeting in May 2018, in particular to avoid potential conflicts of interest with Ergon customers. Ergon's current CFO, Teddy Graf, will step down from Ergon's Executive Board to become the new Chairman of the Board of Directors at Ergon. The former COO Hans-Jürg Schneider also assumes the responsibilities of the CFO on the Ergon Executive Board. Gabriela Keller, CEO of Ergon Informatik AG, says: "The Ergon Board of Directors and our Executive Board cordially thank Patrick Burkhalter for his great contribution to Ergon and we are delighted that he will continue to serve the company as an Ergon Fellow for special tasks!"