Coop: Personnel deployment with tailor-made solution

Zürich, 29.01.2007 – Reference Coop


With JAZZ, Coop has a modern planning, time recording and access management system based on the latest Web 2.0 technologies that regulates the personnel deployment planning of all 47,000 Coop employees for sales, production, logistics and administration. The result is a fast, powerful and user-friendly web application that can accommodate up to 1,000 users simultaneously.


In 2005, Coop found that personnel deployment planning no longer met the growing demands. In particular, the fragmented regional systems and the lack of centralised management had become problematic. After two standard software products had been put into operation at Coop and no configuration was possible for the new requirements without reprogramming, the management of Coop decided to commission an in-house development from Ergon for this core process. The requirements of Coop were clear: what was needed was a browser-based solution to eliminate the need for software installations on 6,700 workstations in different locations. Time recording and personnel deployment planning should also be centrally organised, comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and be as user-friendly and flexible as a desktop interface.

More modelling, less programming

The method of modelling the solution allowed Ergon to reduce programming effort, saving time and money. This efficiency strategy really suited Coop: the new system had to be implemented within a very short timeframe in order to minimise the parallel operation of the old system in the Coop specialist office for time recording as much as possible. Modelling also makes the system very easy to maintain. The Ergon developers also speeded up implementation by using agile software development. This allowed them to react immediately and directly to previously unknown problems and requirements during the development process.

Powerful and easy to use

The JAZZ time recording system helps store managers record the hours worked by their employees, in accordance with legal and contractual requirements. For example, JAZZ's consistency check does not allow a logistics employee's shift to be recorded for longer than allowed or breaks to be missed. As a result, the system guarantees compliance with the full range of working time rules resulting from the collective bargaining agreement for all employees.

In addition to personnel deployment planning, JAZZ also regulates the various access authorizations. JAZZ is connected to the SAP system for the transfer of recorded personnel time into payroll accounting, so that the personnel data is automatically transferred to the payroll program. Conversely, the SAP system provides the JAZZ server with access to master data and business management data. The master data regulates role-based access authorisation to JAZZ. Business management data is used for the automatic calculation of anticipated personnel costs.

With JAZZ, the managers of the sales outlets can benefit from a tool with which they can compare expected sales in advance with the personnel costs for each planning proposal entered.