Culture and values

Ein Team bei Ergon

Always one step ahead


We anticipate change and are constantly adapting our services to evolving market conditions. We are eager to learn, to experiment with technologies and methodologies, and to continue developing together. 

Looking for challenges

Everyone gets involved. We are enthusiastic and give our best. We embrace difficult discussions and make future-oriented decisions. We aspire to overcome ingrained habits and leave our comfort zone. Our willingness to take risks, learn from our mistakes and improve across the board sets us apart.



We communicate openly and make relevant information available, as we believe doing so enhances entrepreneurial thinking. Everyone has access to key company figures, important data and development plans. Our salary and bonus system is transparent. Individual remuneration is known to all.


The transparency of our organisation is the sum total of the openness of each individual. We are honest when giving our personal opinions and live a culture of direct and sincere feedback. 


We treat each other as equals. We are fair and create an environment that is based on mutual trust and appreciation. Personal integrity and respect for privacy are key to us, as are equal opportunity and equal treatment – irrespective of gender, origin, belief system, orientation and age. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, intimidation and discrimination. We maintain a safe work environment and welcome open dialogue – with clients, partners and employees alike.


Success and risk

We all commit a portion of our salary to the company and thus have a stake in the business. When we succeed, we all get our capital contribution back and may receive a bonus. In addition, everyone is entitled to become a co-owner by purchasing shares.


We are involved in decision-making – through surveys, initiatives and collaboration in working groups – and we contribute new ideas via our in-house “suggestion” scheme. Provided there is a majority among those affected, any decision can be appealed at the next level of management.