Facts & Figures

Milestones in the history of Ergon


Ergon employs more than 350 staff, and comes out top in the Swiss Employer Awards for the third time. It is also the second time that the company has won the 250–999 employee category.

Ergon launches Airlock Microgateway 2.1, a licence-free community edition of the security gateway for container environments that provides important basic functions free of charge.


Ergon employees more than 300 staff and moves into a third location at Falkenstrasse 28. At the new premises, Ergon remains true to its principle of offering an attractive and comfortable working environment.

Airlock’s two-factor authentication (2FA) creates a new and user-friendly solution that reliably protects against password theft, phishing and social engineering attacks.


Ergon launches the Airlock Secure Access Hub. This combines its security solutions into a complete package consisting of the Web Application Firewall (WAF), Customer Identity and Access Management (IAM) and the API Security Gateway (API).

As a founding partner of the Open Banking Project, Ergon backs the first Swiss standard for technologies that open up the banking business.

Teddy Graf replaces Patrick Burkhalter as Chairman of the Board and Ergon wins the Swiss Employer Award in the category 250-999 employees.

Ergon implements the new e-banking platform for the LLB Group and develops Viac, the first fully digitalised pillar 3a solution for smartphones.

The new management of Ergon with CEO Gabriela Keller takes over the helm. Patrick Burkhalter becomes Chairman of the Board of Director

Ergon has more than 200 employees and combines the security products Airlock WAF and Medusa (authentication platform) in one software bundle with the launch of the Airlock Suite.

Ergon is awarded the Swiss Employer Award for the first time and launches a near-real-time store product management system with 1500 Windows Mobile clients for Coop.

Ergon wins the Prix Egalité and develops for Swisscom Allegro, the system for strategic order management for large companies.

Ergon buys back Airlock WAF and from now on has a product department.

Ergon employs more than 100 people.

With Belimo, Ergon starts the embedded Java research project for the development of the Shared Logic platform for intelligent heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology. For Coop, Ergon implemented personnel resource planning on one of the world's largest Java server systems at the time.

Ergon realizes one of Switzerland's first mobile applications on standard hardware for SBB's red train attendant device.

Ergon founds the spin-off Seclutions, which launches the web application firewall Airlock as a product on the market.

Ergon is awarded by Sun as the first "Authorized Java Center" in Europe.

Ergon realizes the first Internet banking in Switzerland.

Christian Juon is leaving Ergon. The remaining 8 employees jointly acquire the shares of the company in an "employee buyout", Patrick Burkhalter becomes CEO. This is how our special corporate culture begins to develop.

Ergon is founded by Teddy Graf and Christian Juon.