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Taster days & careers events


We see our commitment to young talent as an important investment in the next generation. That's why we organise regular taster days for secondary school students. These one-day courses show you what an apprenticeship as a computer scientist in application development involves, and give you your first experience of programming. We work with Scratch, which is a graphical user interface developed specially to get young people started with programming. The taster days are organised and hosted by our own trainees. Our software engineers also give an insight into their work and talk about their backgrounds and everyday working lives.

Taster days: dates and applications

Our next taster days are as follows:


Use our form to apply, sending us your CV and a short explanation of why you are interested in a taster day with us.

Taster days are not part of our trainee selection process. You do not have to attend one to apply for an apprenticeship, neither do we select any trainees on our taster days.

Do you have any questions about the taster days?

Alessio Rispoli

Alessio is one of our trainees and organises our taster days together with the other trainees. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

+41 44 268 86 68

Workshops for school groups

Our workshops for schools are aimed at primary school pupils from grade 5 upwards through to those going on to high school (Gymi). You're welcome to visit us, or we’ll come to you at school. Depending on your needs and the time available, we can run a Scratch or CS Unplugged course, in short form if necessary.

Alongside the practical aspects we'll be pleased to give a talk about IT, including the various job profiles and training opportunities. We adapt the content as appropriate to the individual school. Workshops are led by our own software engineers and training staff, and supported by our trainees.

At present we offer Scratch workshops for school groups on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Contact for workshops

Interested in a course? Contact us via

Scratch and CS Unplugged made easy

Scratch is a freely available graphical programming environment for children and young people. It offers an easy way to integrate personal pictures and animate them in all sorts of different ways. It doesn't take participants very long to programme their first game. After a short introduction our workshops give pupils the chance to have a go for themselves and create their first programmes. We have a variety of assignments prepared and ready to go using those supplied by SwissEduc, for example.

Computer Science Unplugged teaches children and young people about IT from a very different perspective. Instead of working on the computer, they solve fun logistical games and puzzles as a way of learning how a network functions or how a drinks machine knows what to supply.