Ergon is expanding its range of cloud computing services in cooperation with Google


Zurich-based company Ergon is now officially a Google Cloud partner. This has seen the firm levelling up its skillset with a host of Google Cloud certifications as Professional Cloud Architects and Professional Data Engineers.

Ergon, an innovative technology partner specialising in the digitalisation of complex business processes, has been delivering successful client projects in the field of cloud computing since 2014. And demand is growing. The company combines technological, security and business skills to design smart solutions that meet the complex requirements of ambitious clients. The partnership with Google has opened up additional opportunities for Ergon customers to migrate relevant services and business segments to the cloud.

Smart home: Hamburg’s cutting-edge apartments
Working with Belimo, a longstanding client, Ergon launched its own cloud solution for the IoT as far back as the spring of 2016. This was first used for the Apartimentum Project in Hamburg – an intelligent apartment building and visionary new construction project created by entrepreneur and Xing founder Lars Hinrichs.

The heart of this cloud solution was the “IoT Core Cloud”, in which every IoT device was paired with a digital twin through which communications could be exchanged with its physical counterpart. The IoT Core Cloud virtually accompanied the devices it managed throughout their life cycle, from manufacturing and installation through actual use in real life to eventual replacement. The IoT Core Cloud features comprehensive APIs for client-specific solutions, enabling efficient development of innovative business applications.

The future of corporate IT lies in the cloud
“The cloud has become an integral part of our day-to-day work. It allows our clients global scaleability so they can offer their services worldwide and close to their customers. It offers high levels of system stability at attractive conditions. When it comes to cloud solutions, compliance remains one of the biggest challenges but as soon as the major cloud providers move into their data centres in Switzerland, we are likely to be over this hurdle as well,” says Heiko Faller, Ergon’s Managing Director Enterprise Solutions.

As an independent IT service provider, Ergon delivers projects that are tailor made to companies’ needs and its cloud skillset covers all the major cloud platforms. The company is currently working on active projects using cloud solutions including Google GCP, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.