Ergon receives the EICAR Minimum Standard Certificate

Zürich, 26.02.2016 – Media report

Ergon Informatik AG, the Zürich-based developer of customised software solutions and software products, has been awarded the EICAR Minimum Standard Certificate for its IT security solution 'Airlock Suite'. 


With Airlock Suite, Ergon has become the first vendor without an anti-malware product in its portfolio to receive the EICAR Minimum Standard Certificate. The certificate was originally intended for manufacturers of anti-malware products, and it was going to include manufacturers of other network security products (e.g. routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems) at a later date.

The EICAR Minimum Standard corresponds to a minimum requirement for IT security solutions. This requirement comprises:

  • compliance with data protection regulations
  • transparency with respect to the flow of data between the products and the vendor
  • assurance that the products have not been manipulated

The Ergon product fulfils all of these criteria.

The Airlock Suite is a comprehensive solution for highly secure web access management. Many financial institutions use this Swiss solution without backdoors in order to protect their web applications, data and identities centrally.

"For us as a security software vendor, data protection, transparency, and security against manipulation are top priorities. Therefore, it is a great honour to receive this certification from EICAR for our products. An important advantage of the Airlock Suite has thereby been confirmed by an independent authority and brought to our customers' attention," Roman Hugelshofer, Managing Director at Airlock, explains.

EICAR, the European Expert Group for IT Security, awards the EICAR Minimum Standard in order to help improve the trustworthiness of IT security products. Various incidents related to mass surveillance and hidden access to manipulated products (third party access) have caused a loss of confidence in many security products. EICAR’s declared goal is to foster awareness and to ensure that the software industry acts according to welldefined standards.

"For us, the certification of Ergon's Airlock Suite is a challenge and an incentive at the same time. It confirms the need for action in this area and that developing our minimum standard is a step in the right direction. We award the EICAR Minimum Standard to manufacturers whose products are protected against third-party access. We are delighted to take the next step together with Ergon and that we have been able to certify the Airlock Suite as the first product that's not anti-malware," Rainer Fahs, CEO of EICAR, explains.