Office for Youth and Careers: preparing for a digital future.

The Office of Youth and Careers in the canton of Zurich

The Office for Youth and Careers (AJB) is one of the Canton of Zurich’s largest departments. Its experts provide the population of Zurich with information, advice and support in all matters relating to careers and the family at no less than 28 sites. The department has set itself the goal of developing customer-focused and forward-looking services and has enlisted Ergon’s support on its digitalisation journey.

We have worked together to design an architecture roadmap depicting both current and future development of the AJB’s business architecture (with all its processes and technical functions) cross-referenced with the range of services it offers and its applications. The architecture roadmap has helped AJB lay the foundations for realising the “nextAJB” vision and its collectively defined future business architecture.

Office for Youth and Careers & Ergon