Values and Culture



Transparency, equality and participation

In addition to co-management, Ergon's democratic structure also includes equality of all employees, transparency in all corporate affairs and participation in success. Ergon's employees are all highly qualified and are given equal rights and responsibilities. The corporate figures and data are transparent within the organisation: That way, everyone always knows how well the company is performing, which issues it may be facing and in which areas the company is currently developing. The salary and bonus system and the wages of the individual employees are transparent within the company.


Decisions are made on the majority basis, which means that all employees in any organisational unit are able to veto managerial decisions, even those concerning management. This sometimes leads to passionate discussions and it is essential that all participants have the ability to handle conflicts. The open culture of discussion is valued by employees and contributes to the further development of the company.

Ergon's suggestion scheme means that employees can contribute their own ideas and these can then be discussed. A body comprising representatives from the different departments and management comes together periodically to consider the suggestions. Since the suggestion scheme was introduced in 2008, there have been around 230 submissions. Around a third of these have been rejected, and most of the rest of them have been successfully implemented.

94% truly satisfied employees

In 2015, Ergon was rated by its employees for the second time, as part of the "Swiss Employer Award", the biggest employee survey in Switzerland. Ergon was awarded second place in its category of companies with 100 to 250 employees. In comparison with the same survey three years ago, the employees rated Ergon more favourably in most categories: in terms of analysis, for example, 94% of employees were "truly satisfied" in 2015, compared with 91% in 2012. The ratings for "teamwork within the company" increased dramatically. This is a great outcome, especially considering the company's constant growth. Ergon scored particularly highly in terms of remuneration, teamwork within the company, employee development and work-life balance.

Success of the whole company as opposed to individual performance

The entrepreneurial input of everyone is a central element of the company philosophy. As a result, employees share in the company's risks and rewards. Performance-based remuneration based on individual targets is avoided. As the overall success of the company is at the forefront, employees support all projects and organisational units and share their knowledge and experience.

A real work-life balance

The compatibility of career, family and free time and the balance between work and leisure time are hugely important, especially in the highly dynamic field of ICT. At Ergon, handling your own resources effectively is exemplified, right up to managerial level: all employees, including managerial staff, work on the basis of annual working hours and receive compensation for any overtime. As of the end of 2017, 37% of Ergon's employees were working on a part-time basis. Although it is necessary to work from the office in the project business, individual solutions are worked out wherever possible if the employee wishes to work from home or to work reduced hours.