User Experience

The world of professional software engineering is changing. In the past, central questions have often been related to technology and technical feasibility. Today, major project risks are of a different kind. For example, being able to understand what customers and end users really require and to handle an ever increasing project complexity.

Solutions no longer simply need to function – that's already expected – but to be convincing at all levels: from suitable functionality for the relevant target group to usability and a convincing overall impression in visual terms. In a positive sense, we are returning to the actual added value created and what software ultimately is: a tool to support people in achieving their goals and to simplify life.

In addition to the focus on customer benefit Ergon is already known for, a good user experience has become central for us. We achieve this by applying established user-centered design methods.

Based on a user-centered requirement analysis, we build systems from interaction design to visual design, which convince end users and customers alike. The choice of specific methods is always tailored to the individual aims of the project. Typical methods include contextual inquiries, personas, scenarios, the creation and testing of prototypes, «minimum viable products (MVPs)» as well as various types of usability evaluation.

A focus on the end user, early prototyping and testing of critical aspects, an iterative process as well as focus and simplification are all crucial aspects here. Similar to the choice of methods, we decide on a project-by-project basis which approach is best-suited to achieve the defined objectives - from «user centered design», «design thinking», «lean ux» or aspects of similar approaches.

As Ergon, we either provide these services ourselves, work together with select local agencies or with third parties determined by our customer.

Contact at Ergon:

Patrick Federi
UX Lead, Teamleiter
+41 44 268 86 07